What do you love and hate the most?

As the title says, what do you love and hate the most about your car? There’s a video circulating around the internet with Matt Farrah comparing an RS4 with a B8 S4. Their argument is if the RS4 is really worth $70k + or if you’re better off just buying a B8 S4. Basically what gives you more bang for your buck. During the comparison, a question was asked followed by their personal opinions; what are five things you love and hate the most about these cars?

For the sake of the article and because I have never driven a B8 S4, I honestly believe that the RS4 is so well rounded that there are very little things that I don’t like about it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a few thoughts on some of the engineering that occurred.


  1. One of my absolute favorite things about this vehicle is the high reving engine. A naturally aspirated V8 that rev to 8k?? I mean come on! It’s truly an amazing sound when experienced because watching youtube videos of an RS4 doing a tunnel run just doesn’t justify that!
  2. A sedan must have a big trunk! I mean, it’s got four doors to carry more people right? More passengers equals more potential luggage. This car really has proper space in the backside. I can fit a full sized stroller along with about 10 grocery bags WITHOUT removing any detailing chemicals and towels I carry.
  3. Who doesn’t love the widebody? From factory this car has flared front and rear fenders that is conservative enough for a business man to use on a daily basis yet giving it a menacing look when you spot one through your rear view mirror. Best of both worlds!
  4. And 5?? The rigidity of the chassis and factory suspension. This car really makes me want to take it through canyons everyday. And if I had some Benjamin’s to throw on a set of new tires every month or couple of weeks in between I’d do it! The car feels absolutely solid. Even on high speed dips it feels like the car is always there to catch you.


  1. First and foremost, the center console/armrest is a complete joke. Whoever thought of engineering that interior piece had two choices to make. Either somehow fit a center console in that car or have their kids kidnapped. Hmm… Anyhow, I honestly do not use this except to hide my phone charger and a pack of gum. It looks as if it were the beginning of a small coffin for a very small person. Not to mention, if you want to use it as an armrest I hope your arm doesn’t weight more than 10lbs because it feels as if it’s being held on by a couple of toothpicks. I will definitely look into removing/replacing or modifying this in the future.
  2. If you ever find yourself lost and you just happen to be driving your RS4 just turn on your navigation and you’re on your way home. That is, if you can work it… The RNS-E navigation is probably the most difficult navigation system I have ever used. Not only does it not have a touch screen but it’s also got a knob for you to use while selecting all of your address’ values. PITA!
  3. If I wanted to hear whining I’d ask my 3 year old to eat his vegetables. I am not sure what it is but something in the drive train makes this beast sound like it’s still chewing on a cat it scooped up on the road when moving at low speed in a low gear. Before any of you jump to any conclusions, this is not only mine but it’s actually all the other RS4’s I have encountered. I’m thinking it’s the type of clutch Audi used in the transmission but if anyone can shed any light on this I’m all open ears.
  4. As previously mentioned, a sedan with proper space in the rear is great!! When you’re referring to the trunk that is. I really wish this one in particular had better passenger leg room. I think the only person that would comfortably fit behind the driver seat would be an amputee or anyone looking to get their legs cut off. Lucky for me, I don’t like carrying anyone back there except for my 3 year old who still uses a car seat.
  5. One more thing about the RNS-E and it’s navigation system that requires a manual to use. The fact that a $70k+ car doesn’t have an AUX or even USB port is simply absurd. I know that there are adapters you can buy to retrofit these features on but the fact that it’s not a standard feature from factory is a little disappointing. Now, according to the RS4 registry, apparently some of these did come with those features; however, I’ve never seen one with these features as standard.

This is my love hate relationship with my car. If you were to ask me the overall satisfaction with my car I’d recommend this to any automotive enthusiast. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin.

What do you guys think?? Please share with the rest of us.