Audi Releases Exclusive Color Packages For RS4

Back in 2007 when Audi introduced the top of the line 4 models we were given different trim options with our color of choice. But given the few that were able to purchase the RS4, fewer were able to get that ideal color with very limited quantities being imported into the United States. Much less trying to find an Audi exclusive vehicle still available in the market. Recently I came across an article on autoblog.comĀ  introducing some very fascinating news regarding some true unicorns. We’re talking about an exclusive edition of the most common RS4 color and one of the most uncommon colors; the phantom black and ibis white.

The article which was released in 2007 by covered the Press Release given by Audi themselves regarding these two unicorns.

Already having style, comfort and performance, the RS4 was given a few extra details that made it that much more special to buyers. A redefined titanium look for the wheels wrapped in 255/35 R19 wheels, contrast gray stitching in the interior of both vehicles, steering wheels, shift knobs and e-brake handles wrapped in suede and even an upgraded suspension that made this beast sit 10MM lower than a (dare I call it?) regular RS4. The ibis white even came with matching outter trim!! Not to mention the painted backrest covers in phantom black or ibis whithe.

Anyways, this was an article that I thought would be quite informative as I had never heard of this exclusive release to the U.S. market.

Exclusive Color Packages for the RS4