2017 RS3 Sedan

I was recently at my local Audi dealership for the air bag recall solution and decided to take a little stroll and look around while I waited. When I walked in the showroom I found myself a little RS3 sitting there and said to myself, “why not take a look a see what the hype is all about?” After all, it is a RS. Here are my quick thoughts on the vehicle.

Initial Thoughts

As I walked towards it there is definitely something different about it. It doesn’t feel like your regular A3 or even S3. The honeycomb grill and its wide stance were definitely a presence to be felt. The color also helped as it was the lovingly Nardo Gray. The rear wing and front lip are definitely a nice touch to the exterior as well. When looking at the 19″ wheels I did notice that the fronts were 255/30/19 while the rear were 235/35/19. I understand that firewall aspect ratio difference makes the tires the same circumference given the different widths, but why not make them 255/30 all around? If anyone knows please feel free to explain in the comments below. The car comes equipped with LED headlights, a panoramic sunroof and aluminum trim that is found on previous RS models.


The interior felt surprisingly roomy given the fact that I’m 6’0 in height. The leather was soft and supple and the seats were firm which gives it a more sporty feel to the car whether you’re in the front passenger seat or rear seats. The soft and smooth leather was nicely complimented by perforated diamond stitching.

In the driver seat you will find a nice flat bottom steering wheel with what felt like aluminum paddle shifters and a surprisingly simple center console. Audi has minimized the use of controls on the center console with this car and has added most of them on the steering wheel and behind the shifter. This is probably also partially due to the fact that most of the information would be displayed in the virtual cockpit.


Ultimately, without test driving the vehicle I am unable to speak of the performance that is listed on the sticker. If anyone owns one or has test driven one please chime in on it’s drivability and performance in the comments below. I’m positive the ride feels outstanding given the fact that it’s a 2.5L turbocharged 5 cylinder engine with Audi’s magnetic ride suspension. It definitely establishes presence in a category above a S3. With a 400hp/354lb-ft of torque, new more intuitive technology and a sticker price of $61k, the RS3 is priced reasonably in my opinion. Let’s move on from my basic overview of the RS3 and on to some pictures.